Labor set to ‘gut’ LGBT policy

The united voice of Binary supporters has been heard.

After our strong campaign in Labor dominated Western Sydney, it seems Labor may have learned their lesson: the radical gender agenda doesn’t play well in the suburbs.

The New Daily reported, “Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has told shadow cabinet the Labor Party needs to ‘gut’ the policy platform, citing the need to streamline ‘LGBTIQ’ references to gay rights.

The New Daily has confirmed that Mr Albanese’s preferred approach is to replace LGBTIQ throughout the platform by simply referring to the need to end discrimination on the basis of sexuality or gender.”

Albanese has always been a very strong supporter of same sex marriage and other gender related issues. He is a member of the left faction that pushed for the inclusion of many of the LGBT issues in the first place.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, was delighted with the news.

“Labor’s gender agenda is simply way too radical for mainstream Australia. Tax-payer funded LGBT centres, a gender commissioner, banning ‘conversion therapy’, valuing transgender ideology above women’s rights – it was all too much.”

“Let’s hope this isn’t just Labor giving the rainbow a new lick of paint. They need to accept this is not simply a matter of language, but policy. Voters rejected the radical gender agenda, and so should Labor.”