Knitted Dongalongs

Soft, artificial reproductive bits don't cut it

Can you believe that little old ladies are knitting Dongalongs and knockers to help perpetuate the myth that a man can become a woman, and vice-versa?

This is not a joke, but it is funny and it does highlight the mental gymnastics we are all expected to conduct if we buy the radical gender theory lies.

We are told he can be a she, Men can have periods, get pregnant and have babies.

Trans women are women and trans men are men, but the need knitted boobies to prove the point.

Or a knitted dongalong, to shove down their panties, please.

What an insult to our intelligence.

Adult men are more than welcome to imitate women if that's what floats their boat. Adult women are more than able to pretend to be a man if that's how they feel.

But let's be honest. It's impersonating, imitating, pretending or identifying it is not real.

No amount of medication or surgery can magically turn you into something that you're not.  

Knitted reproductive bits simply reinforce how artificial it all is.

If you want to wear a dongalong, go ahead.

But don't expect us to accept you as a real man.  

Padded bras may give you the impression you know what it's like to have breasts,

but they don't even come close to having the real thing.

It is dress ups which in and of itself is harmless. So go ahead and dress up, But don't expect the rest of us to accept that knitted bits are real.