Kindergarten assignment on masturbation

What kind of teacher gives four-year-olds an assignment on masturbation?

A British Columbia First Nations school is reportedly being investigated after this sheet went home with children after school.

A worksheet from the book Body Smart: Right From the Start asks kids to “draw a picture of the private places where you can touch your penis or vulva if you want to.”

“Some children like to touch their own private body parts and some children don’t,” the assignment states. “All families have different rules about masturbation (touching your own private parts.) Talk to your trusted grown-ups about your family rules.”

Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary, said the worksheet was outrageous.

“How is this not grooming? It is never appropriate for a teacher to speak with a child about where or how they masturbate. Not ever,” she said.

“To do so under the guise of a four-year-olds homework is sheer lunacy and should be treated as criminal behaviour.

“These teachers need to stop promoting a sexualised agenda.”