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Kirralie Smith from Binary has launched a P&C Pack, along with Mark Latham and Damian Tudehope.

Neil  Well as the gender fluid concept continues to take hold especially in so many of our schools with our children as the target of often militant LGBT activists, you might wonder what you can do to protect your own children and protect your local school. Well it so happens that this morning in New South Wales at the New South Wales Parliament, Kirralie Smith from Binary has launched a P&C Pack, along with Mark Latham and Damian Tudehope. And it's a resource for parents so they can deal with 'gender fluid ideology' that is taking hold in their schools. A special welcome back to 2020 to you Kirralie Smith.

Kirralie  Thank you for having me Neil.

Neil  Kirralie, the launch this morning Parliament House in New South Wales. What is in this P&C Pack that is so important for parents to take note of.

Kirralie  Well there's quite a few things Neil and I'm really excited about this pack. It offers some very practical tools and resources for parents who you know let's be honest a lot of parents are feeling that their parental rights and responsibilities are being challenged at almost every turn and that schools have become this radical hotbed of indoctrination I guess. And instead of schools being a place of education they've now become a place of indoctrination where ideologies are promoted and often the parents feel really out of control when it comes to how to handle that. So we put together this P&C Pack which will be available to anyone who wants it basically. And it gives a lot of tools as I said. So some of those tools are things like explaining what what to look out for in your child's school when it comes to resources that perhaps might be in the library or through different programs. We know there's a lot of books that you know we say don't judge a book by its cover. But when you get into the books if they're quite explicit they're sexualised. We're talking about primary school children being exposed to quite explicit content in some cases. So we need parents to be aware of those things but we haven't just approached it from the negative side of things. We've also offered a lot of resources; books suggestions, Websites, films and documentaries suggestions that will empower parents when it comes to dealing with radicals in the ideology as well. So we come at it from the very medical, scientific and ideological viewpoint when it comes to looking at what are all the consequences I guess of going down this road of a radical gender ideology. We're also trying to help parents engage with their local P&C groups and develop policies in their schools. So when it comes to transgender students in schools parents have every right to want to be engaged in the process of what bathrooms and change rooms will the students. When students go on school camps, What accommodation will they use when it comes to sporting activities. A girl's going to be unfairly disadvantaged because biological boys are going to be allowed to compete with them. What is the pronoun policy in that school? So there's a lot of practical tools as I said and suggestions in helping and equipping parents to deal with this in their local school.

Neil  Kirralie, I know that there'll be a lot of parents listening to our conversation today who will applaud a proactive move where you're hoping to empower parents to take back some control over what happens with their children in schools because it appears to be, and whether it's the absolute reality, but it appears to be that a lot of parents feel like they've lost control over their children and their sexual identity. Is this something that comes across your table often? You're getting stories from people who are saying "hey this shouldn't be happening in our schools." "I feel like as a parent I've lost control."

Kirralie  Absolutely, every week Neil. I'm reading heartbreaking emails or receiving phone calls from parents who are quite distressed about what's happening in their schools. I think you and I spoke last time about a transgender priest who was invited to speak at an Anglican girls school, without parental knowledge or consent. Those parents felt completely as though the rug had been pulled out from underneath them, that those children were not given any forewarning and they weren't able to do anything about having their children exposed in that situation. There's other parents who talk about transgendered students at their kids school or being forced into things like where at Purple Day, where a student might feel very uncomfortable in that situation but they don't know how to handle it. There's so many examples I could give you. And it is a real concern for many parents. And so instead of us just being very reactive as we've been in the past we have taken steps to become very proactive so that parents again can be equipped and be able to engage from a positive angle with their P&C Groups, with their school leadership to develop policy that will protect and ensure the safety of their own children and the children at the school.

Neil  I suspect it's not just those children who feel uncomfortable on days like 'wearing purple day', but also teachers, they feel uncomfortable as well and in some sense here it's like a parent's worst nightmare that their children's sexuality might be hijacked by radical LGBT Groups and some might be thinking this is happening only on a small scale, but this is happening all around Australia.

Kirralie  Yes it is Neil. And there are as you said there are staff at a school again who contact me and who are expressing concern that you know it's very difficult in not knowing what language to use a lot of the time, they don't want to perhaps read the prescribed materials to the children. They're having to find other creative ways to avoid it or that they're very confused and very concerned about what will happen if they confront their school principals or their leadership with their objections to some of this material. Because while a lot of it is encased in this you know anti-bullying language, there's actually a lot of bullying that goes on in trying to enforce people to agree with this this ideology.

Neil  Is it a sense that some parents, and indeed some schools have lost sight of what it is to allow parents to have that power over the lives of their children. To be able to direct the way that their children are being raised. Somehow, rather it seems to be parents may be coerced. That's an interesting word that you use, to think that somehow or rather the government or LGBT activists know best about how to raise children.

Kirralie  Yes, there is a concerning trend that the government, that the state seems to think that they have more authority or rights over children and can raise children better than parents. But we know that that is not the case. Parents are best positioned to raise their children and know what their children are capable of understanding and coping with particularly when it comes to sexuality and sexual issues. And allowing or handing over that sort of authority to the governments, to states, to the schools is really dangerous. And I think there are some parents who who don't know how negative those consequences would be. But as I said there are many others who feel helpless who feel you know they've been labelled as transphobic, or bigots or they've been told that they're troublemakers but they're not. They are concerned parents looking out for their children. And we want to connect both parents with one another and we want to equip those parents. Are you doing a good job? Stand up for your children! You have every right and responsibility to raise up your children the way that you believe is best for them.

Neil  Kirralie, tell us what's in this pack that is going to equip parents because there might be some thinking "Well, what do you do to equip a parent?". I mean is it just something that's happening in the home. I imagine you're talking about how you engage with the school and some people might not feel as confident about how they do that. What's in this pack that helps parents become equipped to be able to take control.

Kirralie  Yes. Well like I said there's some book list in there of books to look out for so that if you find out they're in your child's library, that you can object to that. And I've given you a few reasons why for some of these books are not appropriate, such as explicit content. We've also given you a list of resources which are more positive and come from the other side, from the side that we would think that brings a balanced view to the transgender issue. So there are books and websites and films that you could suggest and promote in your school. We've given some practical steps to take such as keeping you know keeping really good records and screen shots of any correspondence with the school and if you feel that it gets out of hand then we will be here to support you or to put you in contact with those who can help you, so that you know your rights. We've given some legal definitions and information about what your 'rights' as a parent actually are. And we've also provided a lot of talking points that you can bring up at your P&C meeting that are non inflammatory, they're not emotionally based, but their science and reason based, so that they're going to give parents confidence to be able to engage and start talking about these issues with other parents and with the school themselves. So that's just a little snapshot of what's on offer in this P&C Pack.

Neil  That word confidence, certainly important because when you know something's wrong but you don't know how to address it. You do need to have some basis by which you can actually be strong and a little bit courageous to be able to confront the issue and knowing that there is a backup that's going on a point of reference as you mentioned that your organization Binary is now aspiring to be, a point of reference for people so they can find more detail about how they can confidently help to take back control of what happens in their children's life. So how do people get a hold of this pack then Kirralie?

Kirralie  Well already hundreds and hundreds of packs have been assigned to people ,people who have made donations to Binary in July. It was so encouraging. But basically if people contact us that [email protected] and you want a pack, We'll get them to you. We think this is so important and our supporters have been so generous in raising the money for us to be able to put together these packs and they'll start being shipped out around Australia next week. They'll be in the mail and yes if anyone's listening to this program and isn't aware of them, please send me an email [email protected] and we'll see what we can do for you.

Neil  And, there is a battle that's going on around our children's sexuality and it's happening in the school setting, and a pack like this is going to enable parents to be resourced and equipped to be able to address the issues in their local school and wrest back a little bit of that control that's being taken away from them by some of these groups trying to introduce radical gender theory into our schools. Kirralie Smith from Binary, she's launched this P&C Pack at the New South Wales Parliament today. And Kirralie, you were there with Mark Latham, with Damien Tudehope. There are a lot of Politicians who are onside. It's not that everybody in the political realm is 'all for' these gender ideology being taught in schools. There are a lot of politicians who are actually opposed to this. What do you say about politicians that are in Australia. There's a bit of a divide isn't there?

Kirralie  There absolutely is a divide and there's politicians across all areas of politics. So you know Mark Mark Latham is from One Nation and Damien Tudehope is from the Liberal Party. There are members from other parties that have also contacted many to share their concern with this ideology. The activists are quite vocal as you know, and quite aggressive in some ways and the media has given them a lot of support. But I think that you'll find there are quite a few reasonable politicians and of course a large number of people in the public who are very concerned about where this is headed, particularly when it comes to Women in Sport when it comes to the safety of girls and women services. And when it just comes to what's happening in schools. So I'm very encouraged to see that people are starting to find their voice and Binary is about equipping people with the vocabulary and the resources to be able to stand for commonsense and to have the debate that needs to be had.

Neil  Kirralie Smith, the national spokesperson for Binary and that P&C Pack that was launched today at the New South Wales Parliament at Parliament House is available when you go to, that's and that's how you can contact Kirralie Smith and perhaps even get some insight into what you can do to be equipped in your local community and at your local school. Kirralie, thank you so much for taking some time to share these thoughts with us today on 2020.

Kirralie  Thank you for having me Neil.