Human Ken doll now wants to be Barbie

The human Ken doll, Rodrigo Alves, has recently discovered he feels more like Barbie and will identify as a woman named Roddy.

The Daily Mail reported,

“Rodrigo, who became known worldwide for a surgery addiction that saw the star spend £500,000 to alter their looks, told The Mirror that it feels 'amazing' to reveal the news.”

He has already undergone 72 surgeries and has indicated he will pursue more treatments and surgeries to complete his transition.

“This will mean that Roddy will get silicone breast implants, 'face feminisation surgery', Adam's apple removal, have her jawline shaved and her chin modified, as well as having her penis and testicles removed.”

It is bizarre that a media outlet can even publish such a ridiculous sentence. ‘Her penis and testicles’ as a statement is nonsensical and factually incorrect.

Rodrigo is adamant he no longer wants to be known as the human Ken doll wannabe and even admits that he is joining a trend. “'I'm a huge supporter of gender equality and the new trend gender-fluid - I regard myself as a gender-fluid person.'  

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith said, “He is an adult and has every right to identify as he pleases. It is not acceptable however to expect the rest of society to entertain his delusion. He is a man who is addicted to surgery, he is not and never can be a woman.”

“Media outlets must be challenged in their use of language and pandering to a minority that denies science and biological reality. Women do not have testicles or a penis,” Smith said.