How a biological male ended up playing for the Australian Women’s Handball team

Wide World of Sports recently came out with the headline, “Hannah Mouncey helps Australia qualify for Women's World Handball Championships.”

Hannah Mouncey is a biological male. Mouncey made headlines several times this year in a stoush over transgender rules in the AFL. Well over six-foot tall and weighing in around 100kg, Mouncey towers over the female opponents. It was deemed Mouncey was too-much-a-man for the AFL Women’s league.

Mouncey has since joined the Australian Women’s handball team.

“Women have fought for generations to escape the dominance of men in so many areas of life. Feminists and suffragettes sacrificed a great deal for equality and opportunities for women,” said Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary.

“When biological men are permitted to compete, they take the place designated for a woman. One of Australia’s women have missed out because Mouncey was given her spot on the team.”

The team recently qualified for the World Women’s Handball Championships. Smith noted, “The strength, endurance and body shape of men present a disadvantage to biological women. The Australian team had a distinct advantage over the other teams because of Mouncey’s biological status as a male. It appears very unfair to call it a “women’s championship” if males are allowed on the team.”