Harvard is being sued for imposing radical gender ideology on students

Harvard is facing a backlash and law suit after attempting to impose radical gender ideology on their students.

The UK Telegraph reports, “A group of fraternities and sororities accused the elite university of violating their civil rights.”

Harvard has imposed strict sanctions on fraternities and sororities who choose to meet as single gender groups. The report states, “The university's latest crackdown meant students who joined such clubs could not serve as captains of sports teams, or as leaders of officially recognised student groups. Those students also could not receive endorsement letters from college deans for prestigious postgraduate programmes, including becoming Rhodes scholars.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, commented, “This is another example of political correctness going too far. Joining these groups is voluntary. Some of these sororities and fraternities have long and prestigious histories. If the students want to be a part of them, leave them alone and let them join.” Smith added, “Political correctness is killing culture. There are significant differences between men and women. Students should be encouraged to celebrate differences. De-gendering the society discourages diversity and the celebration of our differences.”