Government funded website condones schools’ disregard of parental rights

The Australian has today published an article exposing the threat radical gender theory is to parental rights and how the government is backing it.

Do parents have the right to be involved if their school-age daughter or son wants to undergo transgender treatment to change their birth sex? No, not according to material on the Student Wellbeing Hub website hosted by Education Services Australia and funded by the commonwealth government’s Department of Education.

The government-sponsored website states that “the person who understands most about their gender transition or affirmation is the student themselves” and advises schools to consider the student’s wishes before deciding “whether it is appropriate to involve students’ parent(s) or guardian(s)”.

Unsurprisingly the site’s resources are produced by the same people behind the Safe Schools gender fluidity program disregard parental rights entirely.

If the school considers the student is mature enough and capable of making their own decision, teachers are told “it may be possible to consider a student a mature minor and able to make decisions without parental consent”.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said the Student Wellbeing Hub website should concern every parent.

“Governments and activists must not be given free reign to impose their radical ideologies on our children. Parental rights and consent must be paramount. These attempts to undermine parental authority are dangerous and will put many children at risk.”

“We must protect our youth from potentially harmful medical and surgical interventions that can render them sterile and cause a myriad of health issues. Minors are not permitted to drive, drink alcohol, get a tattoo or be married. Yet activists want kids to make permanent, life-altering decisions without the involvement of their parents. It is crazy!”