Genital mutilation must be condemned

This is an outstanding exchange between a US Senator and a transgender woman, that is a man who imitates being a woman.

Senator Rand Paul is speaking to Biden's Transgender Health Nominee About "Genital Mutilation". Dr Rachel Levine is a biological male who ‘identifies’ as female. His superficial appearance includes shoulder length blonde hair, female clothing and make-up.

Senator Paul highlights the fact that genital mutilation is condemned in every sphere of civilised society, except by radical trans activists.

Levine refuses to answer specific questions about targeting children for such horrific procedures and the advocacy to remove parental rights and consent.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said truth speak is exactly what is required to protect children.

“This is a brilliant example of how politicians should behave. Rand Paul is using his position to advocate for the safety and protection of children. During this exchange it is clear that Dr Levine has no ability to justify invasive and harmful procedures on children. It is also clear that the attempts to remove parental rights is absurd and damaging.”