Gender and COVID 19

Every day The Department of Health, run by the Australian Government, publishes a graph showing total cases of COVID-19 in Australia by gender and age group.

Unfortunately, the number of cases is still rising dramatically every day.

These are serious times. Every Australian has had their life disrupted in some way. Many have lost their jobs. Many are living with a high level of anxiety. Most citizens are experiencing some form of isolation.

The whole world is struggling under the weight of unprecedented shut-downs and disruptions.

Countless people are now infected with the coronavirus and many have died.

There are of course debates and arguments about who is to blame and how to move forward.

The answers are not easily grasped, but one thing we are all counting on, is that our government will consider only the facts when determining the best course of action.

Life and death situations mean looking at the facts. To beat this pandemic scientists and governments need to be only concerned with the facts.

Biological, scientific facts.

The fact is, there are only two sexes. Health care providers, and the government, recognise this. Sex and gender are not social constructs as the activists would have us believe. They are basic reality.

The statistics are important for the delivery of care and planning a way forward. The Department of Health takes this information very seriously. The safety and wellbeing of our society depends on it.

Ideology is not, and cannot, be taken into consideration when people’s lives are at stake.