Fremantle Drag Queen show for kids

The City of Fremantle, a local government in Western Australia, is looking for Drag Queens.

The rate-payer funded organisation is hosting an all-ages show on September 17 and has called for all Drag Queens and Kings to apply.

Drag queens are males who dress up as hypersexualised women, heavily based on out-dated and offensive stereotypes. Drag Kings are usually females who dress up as males and are also hypersexualised stereotypes.

A quick glance at any number of drag pages on social media reveal the adult-only nature of their entertainment.

Fremantle City claims the show will be “age-appropriate”. What does that even mean?

Why does any child need to be exposed to such content?

Why does any child need to be exposed to a display of adults appropriating the opposite sex?

Cultural appropriation is heavily frowned upon and yet sexual appropriation is being celebrated and funded by the taxpayer!

Blackface is a big no-no, but woman-face is worthy of a show?

The double-standards are incredible.

Drag queens belong in adult-only bars and clubs, they are certainly not for kids.