Forget gender, kids now identify as cats!

Journalist Leisa Goddard has told Sky News program Hardgrave that she has evidence of some high school students identifying as cats. Also a PR expert, Goddard was highlighting concerns about the next census and the push to include gender categories.

The ABS had made a recommendation that a greater number of gender descriptors to be provided in the next census. The proposal triggered an outcry from conservative commenters who argued that the broader gender descriptors would make the information collected by the ABS less accurate, and in turn lead to poorer decision making by government.

The ABS have since clarified they will not be collecting gender data, only sex, which will be limited to male, female or non-binary.

“It comes by fact of what’s being taught in classrooms and what’s being accepted in schools. I can give you an example of a school where you have got students there in a high school who, forget the ‘I identify as a ‘they’ or ‘my pronouns are going to be different’ – fine. They identify as cats.” Goddard claimed.

“Now take this back to the ABS data, their collecting this which is then going to give them more of an argument, so that instead of 1,200 people identifying in this small minority, you’re going to see this number rise because they’ve got a greater selection criteria. That will then further arguments and attack us with things like ‘you can’t call people Mum and Dad’, or the craziness this week – we saw the Australian Breast Feeding Association come out and say it has to be called chestfeeding.” Goddard said.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said social engineering is attempting to change the fabric of society.

“Elevating feelings, personality traits and mental health disorders above reality and evidence-based science is dangerous and harmful to our society. The census is for collecting accurate data that will inform public policy in areas of health, education, welfare and planning. Factual reporting is essential. Appeasing activists is not.

“Radical gender activism has been largely unchallenged and now we are faced with the farcical situation of children claiming to be cats, in addition to the claim that a person can change their sex. No one has ever changed their sex – it is only imitation or appropriation and should be referred to as such.”