Federal health website says it possible to change sex

Lorelei Tuxworth who lives in Queensland, has started a petition, calling for transgender residents to rewrite historical facts and deny science on their birth certificates.

At present, in NSW and Queensland, the only way to do so is by having transitional surgery.

Tuxworth said that gender affirmation surgery was "a topic of discomfort" for many transgender people.

"For a lot of trans people, there are reasons either medical or financial, that make it difficult for us to get the surgery."

Tuxworth and other activists believe a man with a penis should be legally recognised as a woman if he wants to be, and vice vera, that women with a vagina should be legally recognised as male.

Incredibly, the Federal Government's HealthDirect website says transitioning treatments "transfers people with gender dysphoria to their desired biological sex. It is also possible to change one's sex by taking hormones".

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said the claim is utter nonsense.

“No-one on earth has ever changed sex. Sex is determined by large or small gametes, chromosomes, the reproductive system and hormone production. Popping pills daily or undergoing the surgical mutilation of perfectly healthy body parts doesn’t magically transform a person’s sex. All it simply does is give the impression that is in the case. It is imitation, impersonation, appropriation and make-believe.”