Enid Blyton’s tomboy character hijacked by gender activists

One of Enid Blyton's beloved tomboy characters has been depicted as genderqueer.

Published by the Telegraph, lesbian feminist Julie Bindel writes, “Wilhelmina, better known as Bill, was the girl in Malory Towers - a series of books based on a fictitious all-girls boarding school, which chronicled the adventures of a group of friends getting up to high jinx.”

"A new stage version is now coming to the Bristol Old Vic, and has the Bill character played by a non-binary person."

The move has raised eyebrows and highlighted concerns being discussed by feminists and everyday Mums and Dads alike.

Bindel asks, "can we not just celebrate Bill as a girl who refuses to bow to convention?".

Growing up as a tomboy, Bindel shares that she may well have been pressured to become transgender if she were a child today.

"Bill gave me permission to be a proud tomboy, as I am sure she did for many others."

"I wish the director in the new play had let Bill stay a girl - and a strong role-model for all the proud tomboys out there today."

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman agreed.

“Gender activists have hijacked culture, reducing expressions of male and female. And yet they impose rigid gender stereotypes, claiming that if boys play with dolls or girls like trucks they must be the opposite gender. It is simply not the case.”

“Tomboys have been fantastic role models for girls throughout history. They are not non-binary – they are girls and women who have simply been themselves despite stifling stereotypes.”