Encouragement from a Homeschool Mum

Welcome to the club!


Hey there, hope you are all holding up under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic.

I appreciate it is disruptive, and for some, even scary. But I want to encourage you to make the most of a bad situation.

Until a few weeks ago I was considered one of the strange ones – a home school Mum.

Often the object of curiosity and even ridicule, it has now become a reality for many otherwise unprepared parents. Welcome to the club!

First of all I want to say you’ve got this!

This season won’t last forever. You will have the option to send the kids back to school, if you want to.

You are now in a unique position that you can use to your advantage.

I know some students have to continue on with work as directed by the school. Others have a little more freedom.

Either way you have a front-row seat to what they are learning. And you have a lot more influence too.

We all know that there are some pretty radical programs that have been introduced into schools around the country over the past few years. Safe Schools, Respectful Relationships, the Gender bread man and many more.

Some schools have been deceptive and sneaky in the presentation of such content. My encouragement to you is to keep a close eye on what they are being taught.

 Communicate with your children and grandchildren.

Read them books that reflect your values.

Reassure them that biological reality is essential for health, wellbeing, civility, and public policy.

Reinforce the binary reality of sex and gender. Celebrate the expressions of male and female and reject the rigid stereotypes that activists have of what it is to be male or female.

The philosophy of most homeschoolers I know, me included, is not to replicate school at home.

Education happens in many ways and relationship is far more valuable that shoving information down someone’s throat.

My goal is that my children would love to learn and be equipped in how to learn for the rest of their lives. Asking questions, exploring the many facets of an idea, challenging the status quo and investigating the origins of ideas are great ways to learn.

In the midst of all of this chaos, make relationship with your kids the priority, they have a lifetime of learning ahead of them. Give them a safe and fun place to do that and they will thrive!