Drag Queens attempt to silence opposition

Two drag queens are suing Lyle Shelton for comments he has made about Drag Queen Story Time for kids in public libraries. The comments were directed toward the inappropriateness of adult entertainers being employed in public spaces to read to children.

Shelton is taking up the fight head on, on behalf of all Australians who value free speech and have a desire to protect children from harmful ideologies. He stated he is not fighting individuals but rather ideas; ideas that should be open to critique and not threatened by censorship.

“We have to decide as a nation do we still believe in freedom of speech? Do we have the will and the courage to defend free speech in this country?”

“They are role models that model gender fluidity which we know is harmful. The United Kingdom Tavistock judgement just the other week expressed grave concern about what gender clinics are doing to children and yet we have advocates of gender fluidity reading on our public libraries. If you criticise that they take you to court to get $20,000 off you and censor the rest of your blog posts.”

The two drag queens taking Shelton to court have extremely confronting content on their social media accounts that deserve to be examined. One includes graphic images of girls who have had their breasts cut off and the other has received an award from the pornography industry. Shelton makes it clear that not everyone needs to agree but that debate and critique are essential when it comes to such ideologies.

These are not the role models that I think most Australian parents would deem to be appropriate. And particularly given, in light of the Tavistock judgement a couple of weeks ago in the UK, which said that children under 15 are not competent to go on to puberty blockers, yet we’ve got drag queens reading to them in libraries. You know 6 year olds, promoting gender fluidity.

These people are using the law with tax payer funded legal services to silence free speech, it is just not Australian.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said this is a very important case for all Australians.

“Gender fluidity is an ideology, not a proven scientific fact. Biological reality is evidence of that. As a democratic nation we must be free to criticise, analyse and debate controversial issues without fear of cancellation, censorship or penalty. Serious medical issues have become politicised and it is the children who suffer when all sides are not given a voice.”