Distraught mother shares her pain over transgender child

Every week, Binary receives heartbreaking emails from concerned and hurting families who have been directly impacted by the radical gender agenda.

Most people feel extremely isolated, afraid and absolutely devastated when this agenda encroaches into their homes.

Very few people feel they can go “on the record” as they fear their child may be ostracised at school or in their sporting club, and they fear being bullied or shunned at work or in their community. 

Many parents and detransitioners feel alone and extremely sad. Conversion therapy laws in Victoria mean it is illegal for people to even ask for help in this situation. Other states have, or want to have, similar laws.

Binary exists to fight these laws and to support families going through this extremely traumatic experience.

One such parent reached out to us, and agreed to having their story published, in the hope it might help someone else.

No one ever says what it is like with a kid living with mental health issues and body dysphoria. So here I am.

You will never understand the cruel hurt created by others because I call my daughter her birth name. I am treated like a pariah. I am treated like a monster. Because I call my daughter that, I am a bigot. Hateful. Non respectful of her feelings. Well WHAT ABOUT MINE?

She is 16 and mentally ill. She cuts herself. I feel totally helpless yet I am the arsehole. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get her help during work time. I have taught myself to pick up when she isn't right. I hide what really goes on in my house from the world. But everyone has a breakpoint.

My point was when my daughter came home tonight and made her friends hide round the corner. I insisted on meeting them and she screamed abuse at me. Horrible hurtful abuse. About how she didn't want me to meet them because I use her real name.  

I hurt. I hurt for the kid I thought I had when I gave birth to her. My dreams of having grandkids. I hurt because the name I so carefully picked out for her because it was unique like her is so hated with such venom.

No one sees what goes on in my house and what I get treated like. No one understands the hurt I live with daily.

My heart breaks, daily, for these parents, children and families.

Gender ideology is based on lies. Complete and utter lies. No one can change their sex. It is not loving or kind to “affirm” someone’s gender identity. It is cruel and destructive.

Love is truth. Love is acceptance.

These young people need to be encouraged and supported to accept themselves without having to resort to stereotypes or trends.

Families should not have to endure this level of pain for the sake of a lie.

It is crucial, now more than ever, that there is a Royal Commission into gender ideology practices in Australia.

Enough is enough. These children and families deserve so much more than lies and destruction.