Discrimination is not a dirty word

“A non-binding resolution formally opposing US President Donald Trump's ban on transgender individuals serving in the military has passed in a 238-185 vote,” according to News.com.au

The Democrats have taken this course of action to show their disapproval of the new policy. Only 5 republications supported the resolution.

Democrat Adam Smith claimed the policy “is unfair and based on ignorance and bigotry and will actually harm national security”. 

“The policy being implemented will make it virtually impossible to let them [transgenders] serve in the military. It's discrimination,” he said.

Others spoke out and echoed this sentiment.  

Democrat Joe Kennedy, sponsor of the resolution, said that Trump's policy amounted to “targeted discrimination”.

Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary, insist the military has every right to discriminate when it comes to selecting service personnel.

“Discrimination is not a dirty word,” she said, “Even though the left have tried hard to demonise the concept.”

“Discrimination is necessary. In the defence of a nation you need the elite, the fittest, strongest, healthiest people to fill the roles required for national security. There are many reasons people can be rejected for service. The safety and security of the nation must be placed over and above people’s feelings or perceived offences.”