Dictionary bows down to trans ideology

The Merriam Webster Dictionary has bowed to trans ideology by demeaning women and changing the definition of the word ‘female’ so it specifically relates to a male-centric ideological viewpoint.

Male and female are scientific terms that describe biological sex, not a personality expression or superficial stereotype.

The noun for ‘female’ has remained factual.

1a: a female person : a woman or a girl

b: an individual of the sex that is typically capable of bearing young or producing eggs

2: a pistillate plant

However, the adjective now has an addition that defies scientific fact.

1a(1): of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs

(2)botany : having or producing only pistils or pistillate flowers

b: having a gender identity that is the opposite of male

Females are far more than ‘the opposite of male’.

Reducing females to a caricature or stereotype referred to as ‘gender identity’ is offensive and inaccurate.

Males do not define females or vice versa.

The production of gametes, the reproductive system, genitalia, chromosomes and hormone production determine who is male and who is female. It is biology 101.

No male on earth has ever become female. No female has ever become male.

Sex is written on every cell of your body.

Despite the feelings a person has, the costume they wear each day, the stereotypical behaviours, drug dependency or surgery; no one has ever changed their sex. All a person can do is appropriate stereotypes. Females are female. Males are male.

Redefining words to suit an ideological, political agenda is ridiculous. It renders the words meaningless and makes a mockery of the biological reality each sex deals with by virtue of their body.

Transwomen are male.

Transmen are female.

Those are the facts.