De-gendering a city’s language

In a move which is guaranteed to lead to confusion for public and private businesses, a U.S. city council has taken steps to de-gender language, starting with their own council documents. 

Quartz has reported, “The city council of Berkeley, California, is making moves to rid its city code of gendered terms, including the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she.’ The proposed changes would replace those pronouns with the singular ‘they’ in city code, and also offer optional fields for personal gender pronouns on city forms.”

The changes include the eradication of pronouns as we know them, as well as other familiar and accepted terms.

The list of terms the city is proposing to replace with gender neutral terms/phrases includes:

Manhole = maintenance hole

Maiden name = Family name

Ombudsman = Ombuds, Investigating Official

Pregnant (woman, women) = Pregnant employees

Sorority, Fraternity = Collegiate Greek system residence

“The eradication of the code’s largely masculine language is one more step toward a mainstreaming of the idea that gender is not necessarily binary, or static, and that public spaces should be welcoming and inclusive to all.”

“As of Jan. 1, Californians could select a non-binary gender option for their drivers’ licenses, and just this week, Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts democrat running for president, listed her preferred gender pronouns (she/hers) to her Twitter bio. Many states have also revised the language in their laws in favor of gender neutrality.”

“Future generations may look back with surprise that there was ever a time this wasn’t the case.”

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said people should not accept this nonsense.

“Imposing strict codes of speech of any form ought to be disallowed in any free democratic society. Not to mention it’s utterly ridiculous to suggest that anyone other than a woman can be pregnant.”

“Activists are using compelled speech to de-gender society.  Common sense has been ignored yet again for the sake of radical activism.”