DC Comics new gender fluid push

DC Comics is proudly supporting radical gender ideology and the indoctrination of kids. They have just announced a new non-binary character called Kid Quick.

ScreenRant’s Liam McGuire writes, “The character is genderfluid (non-binary) and uses they/them pronouns.”

Kid Quick will first appear in an eight-page story as part of DC’s Very Merry Multiverse by Ivan Cohen and Eleonora Carlini. The character will be part of Earth-11’s Teen Justice team.

Cohen described the team to ScreenRant, “Teen Justice is a new super-team on Earth-11, the world where there’s a Justice Guild instead of a Justice League and the heroes are gender-flipped versions of the heroes of the traditional DC Earth.”

The new story line will include “a few unexpected gender-flipped cameos for old-school DC diehards.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said parents need to be aware.

“Activists are not even trying to hide their attempts to appeal to children. They are creating teen characters, aimed at a teen audience, in an attempt to encourage normalisation of gender fluidity. They want to create heroes and role models who express radical gender ideology as though it is normal. It is not. Kids should be encouraged to embrace who they are, not change themselves to be someone they never can be.”