Dangerous school assignment sent to Year 7 students

The horrified brother of a 13 year old took to social media after discovering an assignment had been sent home that asked the school girl to define the terms drag queen, sexuality, heterosexual, homosexual, transvestite, transgender pornography, pornography, soft porn, hardcore pornography, revenge porn and sexting!

Mr Dagon, who took to Facebook to share his concerns, said: "My little sister knows make-up and TikTok at the age of 13. She doesn't know about hardcore porn, and then asking her to define it.

"The majority of children nowadays will now go on the internet to help them with their homework and if you type that kind of thing on the internet, God knows what's going to pop up."

Incredibly the school principal attempted to make excuses for the vile nature of the assignment.

Mr Bell said: "I am genuinely sorry if parents or students have unnecessarily researched any of these phrases and for any offence caused by this mistake."

He said students "were not directed to research these topics themselves on the internet because all the answers to the questions posed are contained in the teacher-produced materials we shared".

Response to the assignment online was extremely harsh. Many were calling for parents to withdraw their children and home school them instead.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, warned parents need to be informed.

“The content of this assignment is extremely inappropriate and controversial. How it was ever approved in the first place is beyond comprehension. Make sure you know what your children are being taught and don’t be afraid to take action when you come across inappropriate lessons.”