How COVID19 has exposed the health risks of transgender practices like chest binding

A series of Tweets by a transgender activist group has confirmed the sad an inescapable reality that chest binding can be extremely hazardous to your health.

Transgender Northern Ireland released a series of tweets advising girls not to bind their breasts, or to limited chest binding, as the practice can damage a girl’s lungs and increases the risk of catching pneumonia.  Pneumonia is a known risk factor that, when combined with coronavirus can lead to death.

Until recently transgender activist groups have encouraged girls who identify as transgender to bind their breasts to hide them or stop them developing during puberty.  Some trans activists have even instructed young girls how to bind their breasts in secret.  Some activists have gone as far as posting chest binding kits to girls without their parent’s consent or knowledge.

However the ongoing COVID19 pandemic has revealed the true risk of dangerous practices like chest binding.  It has exposed the fact that activist groups who have encouraged chest binding have been putting girls at risk.




Trans activists have dismissed warning about of the dangers of chest binding for years. It is essential that young people now hear and heed the warnings in light of the current pandemic.

“Trans activists are putting young people at great risk if they continue to promote the dangerous practice of chest binding. Breathing complications are a serious matter. Transgender ideology cannot take precedence over the reality of the health and safety of vulnerable teens,” warned Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman.