Corrupting Christmas in Sydney

Another example of corrupting Christmas has landed on Sydney streets. A drag queen Santa is inviting families and kids for photos at the Imperial Hotel in Erskineville.

Oliver Levi Malouf – who prefers the pronoun they – has transformed the role of Santa Claus into a drag queen, applying glitter, lashes and lipstick in addition to the big red costume.

Malouf is a full-time drag queen and said the main difference performing as Drag Santa had been the chance to spend more time with the community, instead of being on stage with lights in their regular drag persona known as Etcetera Etcetera.

"It's been really touching to see some people come in who are obviously, like, young queer kids who might not have a family and sit down and get a Santa photo, stick around and have a meal and we can have a chat to them."

The Sydney Morning Herald neglected to report that as Etcetera Etcetera, Malouf also performed recently in an x-rated show at the same hotel. The event was called Rood Food - an X-Rated Drag N' Dine Experience and the Facebook page described it as,

“Drag N’ Dine Gone Wild. A sensual rejuvenation of Priscillas Drag N’ Dine, a drag extravaganza 3-act show starring Etcetera Etcetera, Ruby Slippers & Riot. Take a bite out of this decadent trio! Guiding you through a sexy rendezvous with food, these culinary queens write their own recipes and follow their own rules. An interactive drag show that will leave you begging for more, or at least a doggy bag…”

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said parents really need to question the trend of Drag Queens targeting children.

“Drag Queens have a place, as adult entertainment for a niche 18+ audience. Until recently they have only performed in bars and clubs restricted to adults only. Yet now they are increasingly targeting the realm of children. Storytime in libraries and Santa are for kids. Drag Queens are men who dress up, mocking women by perpetuating harmful stereotypes. One has to ask, why indoctrinate kids into such a hyper-sexualised adult concept?”