Coming to a school near you

Schools in all western nations appear to be in the grip of radical trans activism.

Here in Australia Dan Andrews has made it illegal to do anything but lie to children by “affirming” their desire to appropriate the opposite sex. He even implemented a policy that allows school staff to begin transitioning students without parental knowledge or consent.

Tasmania wants to be able to do the same, as do other states.

In the US this is happening as well. Boring Middle School in Oregon is the latest to be exposed for its trans activism.

Heather Richardson, the school’s counselor, sent an email to staff directing them to refer to a female 7th-grade student as “Mike” and use “they/them” pronouns in school. However, Heather cautioned staff to refer to the student using her given name and “she/her” pronouns when talking to the student’s parents so the parents would not be tipped off about their child transitioning into an identity other than female.

Children at school cannot get on the bus, go on an excursion or be given medication without explicit permission from parents.

Yet in US, and some Australian schools, school staff can help a student change uniform, pronouns and their name without parents knowing let alone consenting.

This is known as ‘social transitioning’ and often leads children to clinics where they are quickly put on medicalised pathways such as puberty blockers and cross sex hormones. This next step usually requires parental consent, but the system is wired in such a way that if parents deny consent there are ways for children to engage authorities to override that consent.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said this is another reason why a Royal Commission into gender practices is required.

“School staff are not qualified to diagnose or treat gender dysphoria,” she said.

“That job belongs to parents and medical staff. Trans activism in schools is inappropriate and dangerous.

“A thorough investigation into such policies is urgently required.”