Coalition members in bed with the Greens

This week members of the senate in Australia had the opportunity to protect children from harm. They rejected that opportunity with ONLY 21 coalition members willing to stand and support gender confused children.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts put forward the motion to allow children to “wait and see” before being put on harmful, and possibly irreversible, treatments.

He referred to the science that proves when a child is left without medical intervention “between 70-90% of young people's dysphoria resolves itself by puberty.”

Roberts also mentioned that one hundred years of diagnostic history shows that there has been a very recent and very alarming increase in teenage girls seeking treatment, in some places more than a 4000% increase!

He also stated that the science coming from Sweden's leading gender clinic has caused them to end the treatment of minors with hormonal drugs due to safety concerns, citing cancer and infertility, and that the suicide mortality rate for transgendered people is 20 times higher than comparable peers!

The science is clear, the ‘wait and see’ approach avoids irreversible treatments, allows children to develop naturally, gives health care professionals the opportunity to deal with other pre-existing mental health issues and heal in due course.

Unsurprisingly, the Greens Senator, Janet Rice, embarked on a condescending rant that accused Roberts and his supporters of fearmongering and misrepresentation. She offered no science, no supportive evidence, and no reason why children should be exposed to experimental treatments that can cause untold harm.

The Coalition members were granted a conscience vote, but incredibly only 21 senators from the collation took the opportunity to defend and protect children. Anne Ruston, the Minister for Families and Michelle Landry, the Assistant Minister for Children and Families were not listed in the vote.

Champions for reason, science and especially women and children, like Senator Claire Chandler and Senator Amanda Stoker supported the motion for the ‘wait and see’ approach to protect the children from harm. Others who supported the motion included Matt Canavan, Eric Abetz, Michaelia Cash, and Zed Seselja.

The rest, including Maryse Payne, the Minister for Women, sided with the extremists who want to give children radical and experimental treatments to enable them to imitate or appropriate the opposite sex.

As we all know, no one on earth has ever been able to change their sex, as our sex is written on every cell in our bodies. Taking daily medications is an invasive and artificial way to pretend a person has changed their sex, while mutilating perfectly healthy body parts through surgery still leaves a person as their original sex, just without properly functioning genitals or breasts.

These politicians either have no idea, or much worse, are dangerously pursuing an agenda to harm children. They are supporting a political ideology that rejects science, denies women’s sex-based rights and puts children in harms way by condoning experimental treatments.

They must be held to account by you and I. They must decide whether or not they will uphold biological reality and scientific evidence, or if they are going to stand with the extremists who are recklessly advancing their harmful ideology.;fileType=application%2Fpdf

The results of the vote. Please contact those who voted Aye to support and encourage them. Also contact those who voted against protecting children. They need to hear from you.

Ayes ......................23 (Supporting “wait and see”)

Noes ......................35 (Against “wait and see”)



Abetz, E

Antic, A

Askew, W

Brockman, S

Canavan, MJ

Cash, MC

Chandler, C

Duniam, J

Fawcett, DJ

Fierravanti-Wells, C

Hanson, P

Henderson, SM

McDonald, S

McKenzie, B

McMahon, S

O'Sullivan, MA

Paterson, J

Rennick, G

Reynolds, L

Roberts, M (teller)

Seselja, Z

Small, B

Stoker, AJ


Ayres, T

Birmingham, SJ

Bragg, AJ

Brown, CL

Carr, KJ

Chisholm, A

Ciccone, R

Colbeck, R

Dodson, P

Farrell, D

Faruqi, M

Gallacher, AM

Gallagher, KR

Green, N

Hume, J

Lambie, J

Lines, S

McAllister, J

McCarthy, M

McKim, NJ

O'Neill, D

Payne, MA

Polley, H

Pratt, LC

Rice, J

Siewert, R

Smith, DA

Steele-John, J

Sterle, G

Thorpe, LA

Urquhart, AE (teller)

Walsh, J

Waters, LJ

Whish-Wilson, PS

Wong, P