Chest Binding & COVID19

It is devastating to realise trans activists are putting the health of young girls at risk.

If you told me a week ago there was some link between the Coronavirus pandemic and the transgender agenda, you would have really struggled to convince me.

But now a group of transgender activists has shown just how the trans agenda has put young girls in harm's way just as the pandemic is spreading.

This would have to be one of the saddest realities.

One of the most deeply disturbing consequences of the trans agenda.

You see - for years, trans activists have been promoting a dangerous practice called chest binding.

It's a technique for pubescent girls who are uncomfortable with their natural development.

Chest binding is as horrible as it sounds. 

It involves binding a girl's breasts so they either do not develop or are made less prominent.

The idea is to make young girls look more masculine. 

For years, the transgender extremists have provided instructions and often the materials required in order to flatten breasts.

It is tight and it restricts circulation and can cause breathing difficulties.

The activists instruct girls on how to do this in secret so they can pass as boys.

They post them out in packages designed to deceive parents so they don't know what the package contains.

It is a radical... It is radical agenda activism at its worst.

But what's that got to do with coronavirus?

Well, this week, a group called Transgender Northern Ireland issued a series of tweets warning girls about the dangers of chest binding during the current COVID 19 pandemic. 

The tweets explained that transgendered youth who bind their breasts are at much higher risk of complications from COVID19.

They point out that if a girl has asthma or respiratory issues, it is particularly important to take note.

This advice is timely and appropriate.

Girls who practice chest binding put themselves at risk every day, but even more so now

In a series of main's or infographics, the group says if you have a cough, the medical recommendation is to avoid binding.

It can lead to a fluid buildup in the lungs.

Pneumonia is a complication of COVID 19 and respiratory illness can be exacerbated by chest constriction.

They don't really go far enough, though, as they are reluctant to let go of the ideological agenda in favor of the health of these confused young girls.

They say while it's recommended to avoid binding, if you are sick, you if you really can't stop it, then find a looser warning bind or singlet so you can continue to bind your chest. 

But here's the biggest takeaway from all of this.  

For years, people like you and me have been warning about the health risks of practices like chest binding. 

But the activists have refused to listen.

And instead, they have put young girls in harm's way.

Chest binding is dangerous and the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us just how dangerous it is.

Encouraging teenage girls suffering from gender dysphoria to practice potentially harmful practices for the sake of appearance is dangerous.  

It isn't supportive. It isn't safe or responsible.  

Respiratory illness is very serious.  

Restricting breathing at any time is not a healthy practice.  

Let's hope radical gender activists wake up and put the health and safety of girls first by letting go of their ideological agenda.

Chest binding is dangerous and never more so than during this current health crisis.