Chemically castrating ‘transgender’ children is child abuse

Activists don’t want you to know this, but puberty blockers and chemical castration drugs are the same thing.

Yes, you read that correctly. Puberty blocking drugs are also used to chemically castrate men.

Goserelin (Zoladex), Histrelin (Supprelin LA), Leuprolide (Lupron Depot-Ped, Fensolvi) and triptorelin (Trelstar, Triptodur) are common puberty blockers prescribed to children as young as 10 years old.

Goserelin (Zoladex), Histrelin (Vantas), Leuprolide (Lupron, Eligard) and Triptorelin (Trelstar) are also given to fully mature males who are fighting prostate cancer or are sexually violent males in prison.

The same set of drugs that are used for confused children who are still developing are also used for violent male criminals who need controlling.

On the “Puberty Blocking” page these drugs are portrayed as safe and useful for gender confused children. There is reference to the stopping or slowing of puberty with limited information about the serious side-effects these drugs can have.

These drugs have been thoroughly tested and approved for use in fully mature adult males who are fighting cancer or are violent criminals.

For children, the recommended on-label use is to temporarily pause precocious puberty (early onset). These drugs are being used off label when prescribed to children for longer  term use.

These drugs are described as being able to be taken “at the beginning of puberty to stop secondary sex characteristics. But they could also start treatment in later stages of puberty to end their periods, stop erections, or avoid continued growth of secondary sex characteristics.”

What does that actually look like though?

Here is the list of serious side effects that males who take these drugs must endure.

Chemical castration is the use of drugs to lower the production of hormones in your testicles. The purpose of chemical castration is to lower the levels of male hormones, or androgens. Chemical castration is not a one-time treatment. Your doctor administers the drugs by injection or implants them under your skin. Depending on the drug and the dose, this must be repeated as often as once a month or as seldom as once a year. Side effects of chemical castration can include: reduced or absent sexual desire, erectile dysfunction (ED), shrinkage of testicles and penis, fatigue, hot flashes, breast tenderness and growth of breast tissue (gynecomastia).

The effects of usage over the long term are even more horrific. Males on these drugs can suffer “osteoporosis, impaired glucose, depression, infertility, anaemia, loss of muscle mass and weight gain”.

A 2013 research review indicated that “side effects and complications may increase the longer you’re in treatment.”

But that is not all. Other potential risks are listed as well. These include “diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, problems with thinking, concentration, and memory”.  

Keep in mind that children do not have fully developed brain function until they are in their early twenties! 

Children cannot not possibly understand or consent to such serious consequences. Adults who consent on their behalf are subjecting children to a lifetime of very serious implications.