Canadian health site is at odds with science and reality

Health Link British Columbia in Canada, a tax-payer funded organisation, has issued a document at odds with science and reality.

They are claiming toddlers can be transgender and that sex is “assigned” at birth.

Children usually begin to show interest in their gender early in life. At 2 to 3 years old, they see the differences between male and female bodies. Most children will call themselves either a “boy” or a “girl.” This may or may not match the sex they were assigned at birth, and it may change over time.

What is assigned sex?

The sex assigned to a baby at birth. When a newborn has a penis, the assigned sex is  “male.” When a newborn has a vulva, the assigned sex is “female.” In rare cases, a child is born with external sex organs that are not clearly male or female. 

Sex is not “assigned” at birth, it is observed. “Male” and “female” are scientific terms that refer to biological markers.

Sex is written on every single cell of a person’s body and evidenced via genitalia, reproductive systems and hormone production. 

Healthy toddlers play, make-believe and pretend. It is a normal, natural and essential element of development. They pretend to be animals, fairies, firefighters, astronauts, mums and dads and even the opposite sex. Exploration and experimentation is healthy for 2-3 year olds.

What toddlers can’t do is care for themselves and they need guidance and protection.  

They can’t cross the street on their own, manage money, sleep times or a healthy diet. They can’t reason and make decisions that involve life-long consequences.

Hilariously, this document explains it is perfectly fine and normal to appropriate sex, but it is not okay to appropriate culture.

What is Two-Spirit?

A term used by many Indigenous people who have diverse genders and sexualities.  Two-Spirit people were historically revered in most nations, and may have different  roles, gifts, language and appearances depending on the nation they’re from. TwoSpirit identity is very closely connected to Indigenous culture and spirituality, and this term can’t be personally used by someone who is non-Indigenous. 

In other words, go for your life if your toddler wants to be the opposite sex, but forget about it if they feel connected to a different culture.

This is activism, not health care. It rejects science in order to promote a political agenda at odds with science and reality.