Breast Binders secretly sent to 13 year old girls!

A Mail on Sunday reporter has revealed that MORF, a radical gender organisation in the UK, is sending out free breast binders to teenage girls. This is occurring without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

The reporter posed as a 13-year-old girl making a request for breast binders. The company sends them out in unmarked packages so parents are not aware of the sender or contents.

The publication reports, “The binders can "cause ‘horrendous’ health problems including breathing and breastfeeding difficulties, chronic back pain and broken ribs, increasing the chance of a punctured lung."

“Here is yet another example of radical trans ideology being imposed on vulnerable children,” said Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith. She added, “These girls do not need to inform their parents or consult medical advice before having access to potentially harmful breast binders. This is dangerous for the girls, and it usurps parental authority.”

The activists are proud and unapologetic regarding their actions. A spokesperson said, “We’re proud of how we responded to your reporter because we provided sensible, compassionate advice to someone pretending to be in need.’

Smith responded, “It is far from sensible or compassionate to cause harm to young girls. Access to these binders must be restricted to adults or medical professionals.”

Combined, these organisations receive millions of dollars in government funding.