Bonds trans propaganda campaign

Bonds have emailed their customers transgender propaganda announcing they will be celebrating “Trans Awareness Week”.

Male and female models and activists are paraded in Bonds underwear spruiking “inclusion” and “acceptance”.

They are teaming up with Minus 18, a taxpayer funded group that promotes sexualised content to children under the guise of sexual orientation and sexual identity.

We are joining hands with our friends at Minus 18 to celebrate, elevate voices and stand alongside the trans and gender diverse community.

The propaganda includes dismissing terms such as “guys”, “brother/sister” or “boyfriend/girlfriend” and only using words such as friends, sibling or partner.

Instead of sticking to making quality undies, Bonds have embarked on an Ungenderwear project.

To kick things off, we appointed a 2022 advocate panel comprising of a group of diverse, LGBTQIA+ Australians with different perspectives and lived experiences. Their role is to provide honest input, insight, and advice in support of the Project’s goals.

We recognise that to fully commit to the comfort of all, and to support authentic self-expression, we need to set clear goals to help guide the Project. These include...

1. Undertake a comprehensive audit of all gendered terms used across product, packaging and stores to challenge their relevance, and review any deemed non-inclusive by 2025.

2. To deliver a genderless shopping experience in a Bonds owned channel by 2023.

3. To continue to meaningfully consult with and listen to the LGBTQIA+ community on major initiatives, appointing a panel of advocates and conducting a nationwide consumer study by 2023.

There is no commitment to consult with other customers – such as parents, families, or a range of faith backgrounds such as Muslims, Jews, atheists, Christians or Hindus.

Their claim to be “inclusive” is really about promoting a trans agenda, at the expense of all others. It excludes anyone who refuses to buy the lie that a person can change their sex.

There is no acknowledgement by Bonds that bodies wear undies, while any personality expression can choose whatever is comfortable without having trans propaganda rammed down our throats. There are only male or female bodies. That’s it. If a male wants to wear female undies, he can. And vice versa.

Bonds virtue signalling may win them a few customers. But it is almost certain that they will lose more who are fed up with the sexualisation of children and the lie that appropriation of sex equals reality.