Bonds’ insult to all real women

Female models no longer measure up according to Bonds. The underwear giant has decided to feature a biological male to try and sell their female intimates range this season.

The Daily Telegraph reports, “Andreja Pejic says becoming the first transgender model to front a Bonds undies campaign is a ‘celebration of my womanhood’. ‘I just can’t believe that I am a Bonds girl, that is insane actually’.”

Spokeswoman for Binary, Kirralie Smith, also thinks it is insane, but not for the same reasons as Pejic.

The Daily Telegraph also reported, “Bonds head of marketing Emily Small said: ‘The influential women in our new Bonds Intimately campaign have qualities that we respect and honour, women who are confident, proud and enjoy celebrating who they are.’”

Smith responded, “The fact is, this model is not a woman. It’s not a celebration of womanhood. It is an insult. It is a slap in the face to all real women. It sends a clear message that woman aren’t anything special – men can even look better than them in lingerie”

“In addition, it is also rather puzzling (amusing) that the diversity police chose a white male to peddle their wares despite their constant criticism of men dominating in our society,” said Smith.