Biology is not hate speech

Would you apologise for making a statement that supports biological reality?

Despite the lies and hysteria activists try to promote it is not repugnant, or harmful or bigotry. Nor is it the source of ‘transphobia.’

Biology is fact. It is truth. It is evidenced by reality.

Sex is binary. Male and female. Words matter. Definitions matter.

The recently elected Lord Mayor of the City of Perth is in hot water because of some comments he made regarding transgender people. “Their” ABC and activist groups have lost their minds accusing him of wrong-doing.

One spokesperson said, “"These comments are repugnant, bigoted, narrow-minded, parochial and fundamentally deny contemporary science.”

So what did he say that was apparently so anti-science and hateful?

The ABC reported that Basil Zempilas said on his radio program that it was “"wrong" for someone to identify as a different gender to their physical anatomy. "If you've got a penis mate, you're a bloke." "If you've got a vagina, you're a woman. Game over."

The meltdown by whingers on the left was so intense that the mayor sent a text message that stated, “"The comments were inappropriate and I apologise. It was early morning radio banter gone wrong. The comments do not reflect how I feel. I did not intend to cause any offence and I am sorry. It will not happen again."

Oh for goodness sake!

He is apologising for stating biological facts. Why give in to the bullying? Why prop up their dangerous agenda by appeasing a radical ideological viewpoint that is NOT supported by science?

Friends, don’t let noisy activists intimidate you.

Our daughters deserve to grow up in a society that protects, honour and provides for  their unique needs as the females of the species. Girls and women deserve privacy and safety.

They shouldn’t have to be concerned about a bloke with a penis in a dress using their bathrooms.

They shouldn’t have to worry about a bloke with much higher testosterone levels, great blood and lung and muscle capacity thrashing them in their sporting categories.

No one in this country should be threatened for speaking the truth. Compelled speech is a mark of totalitarianism. Not a free democracy.

If you willingly surrender common sense, scientific facts and biological reality to appease activists you have no-one else to blame but yourself as things turn to crap.

Mr Zempilas might give in to the intimidation, but I won’t.

Will you?