Biology is not bigotry

This outstanding video by female athlete Selina Soule is a must watch!

Selina was one of the top 5 female sprinters in Connecticut USA. Her dream to pursue athletics was shattered when the state allowed two biological males to participate as females in her competition.

Selina and other female athletes have had to watch female records smashed by these guys. Scholarships that belonged to them and opportunities for selection in university programs and state teams have been lost.

Soule and two other female athletes are not standing silently by. They are taking legal action and fighting to defend the rights of females in sport.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, highly recommended watching the video presentation.

“This issue is not about bigotry, it is simple biology! Males have a distinct and unarguable advantage over females in sport. This is about ensuring a level playing field and a safe and fair environment for all female athletes. Congratulations to PragerU and Selina Soule for presenting such a powerful and clear presentation of the facts.”