Binary spokeswoman on Rebel News

Last week, Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith spoke with Avi Yemini from Rebel News about Victoria’s education policy. 

The policy allows schools to transition children without parental knowledge or consent, and Smith said it was “mind-boggling”, and that it’s time parents were properly informed about what’s happening in public schools. 

"We're here to talk about the Victorian education policy that comes under Dan Andrews' government, that is that children can be 'transitioned' at school without parental consent, without medical consultation, which is just mind-boggling," she said.

"We're talking about school staff, teachers, counsellors, and other school staff who are not medically trained, not the parents of these children, but if they feel a child wants to transition and isn't going to get parental support to do so, they can facilitate it.

"The majority of parents are better at raising children than the state. 'Daddy Dan' isn't the best person to bring up our kids. Parents are best placed to bring up their children." 

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