Binary named as a ‘hate group’

Binary Australia has been named as a “hateful extremist” group by an anti-Trump far-left organisation in the US.

The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) released a false report associating Binary with extremism and violence.

The report, Australian Far-right Hate and Extremist Groups, details 20 far-right groups in Australia that GPAHE identifies as embracing beliefs and activities that demean, harass, and inspire violence against people based on their identity traits including race, religion, ethnicity, language, national or social origin, caste, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

The majority of the 20 groups listed in the report are white nationalist, anti-immigrant, or anti-Muslim, but anti-LGBTQ+, anti-transgender, antisemitic, anti-women, and groups pushing conspiracy theories also made the list. Since the COVID pandemic, protests over lockdowns and other measures have brought together various extremist groups in the same way such protests created alliances between white supremacists, militia members, and Trump supporters in the U.S. during the pandemic.

GPAHE failed to cite any examples or quotes that support their defamatory claims.

The list includes Christian organisations such as the Australian Christian Lobby as well as LGB Alliance – a group of homosexual people advocating for sex-based rights.

A few social media users boasted Binary made the list, yet when challenged could only resort to name-calling and insults. They could not provide one instance where Binary had incited violence or made a hateful comment.

Ironically, they displayed hate unashamedly in their responses.

The responses were full of hate and vile language, yet not one shred of evidence that Binary has said or done anything that even resembles hate.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said “truth is not hate”.

“This list is ridiculous,” she said.

“Speaking the truth and defending sex-based reality is not hate. Some people may not like the truth, but that does not automatically equal hate.

“It is a defamatory slur that is unfounded and unjust.

“There is zero evidence of Binary inciting violence or acting hatefully toward an individual or group.

“We unapologetically challenge transgender ideology because it is healthy and necessary to engage in critical thinking and debate to ensure the best outcomes for a civil society.

“We will continue to do so until parental rights are upheld and child protection is paramount once again.

“We will ensure females have safe and fair spaces and services based on biology not ideology.”