Beware of secret government acts under the guise of Covid 19

Governments around the country are using Covid 19 as an excuse for some very questionable decisions.

The Australian revealed that the ACT government denied public consultation on a controversial new law “that could send mental health professionals to prison.”

Chief Minister Andrew Barr claimed “standard public consultation” had been abandoned “due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on public engagements”.

In November Mr Barr made headlines with a promise to ban “gay conversion therapy” but critics protest the proposal goes beyond protection of adult sexual orientation to unwisely lock-in the changeable “gender identity” of teenagers, prohibiting anything but “affirmation” of self-declared trans status.

This potentially denies troubled young people the careful psychotherapy they need and puts them on the path to unproven “gender affirming” hormonal drugs and surgery, according to some clinicians, Christians and parents, with the issue causing bitter division among LGBT people as well.

Parents, educators and psychiatrists have all expressed concern with the new law. Euphemisms such as gender affirmation are in fact a denial of biological reality. Critics say the new laws could potentially send someone to prison simply for affirming accepted science rather than radical ideology.

Sydney psychiatrist Roberto D’Angelo said,

“I see many young people who become distressed after discovering that they are same-sex attracted and then subsequently conclude that they are trans, and hence ‘straight’.

“Concerns have been raised about whether we are in fact administering a form of gay conversion therapy to some of these young people by providing gender-affirming care, turning gay teens into straight ones.”

Many private schools representing more than 3000 students have called for a full, public consultation “for public health” and “religious freedom” reasons.

Barr’s spokesperson claimed it wasn’t a secret and that talks had been held with special interest groups. They refused to identify who the groups were.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said this was unacceptable.

“Rolling out controversial and extremely harmful laws under the guise of a pandemic denies democratic process. All parties must be consulted. Parents groups, educators, physicians and psychiatrists must be included for the sake of the children.”

“The kids could potentially become victims of a radical ideology that is more interested in experimental treatments and the denial of biological reality than their well0being. Politicians have a responsibility to consider all the available information, not just that offered by gender activists.”