Best health advice is a lie

If you are looking to the government for truth and for best health advice, you will be extremely disappointed

There is something very wrong with our society.

There is something extremely wrong with our governments.

Why do you think you can trust them?

Why do you think they really care about you or your health?

Why do you think they are your saviours?

Whether it is the state government of the federal government, they lie and make no apology for it.

Every single minister for women in this nation has put in writing that anyone who wants to be a woman can be a woman. That is, every single one of them has denied science, rejected the truth and chosen to support a political ideology above the truth.

Every premier and even the Prime Minister’s office support the view that anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman. All politicians, bar a handful, have integrity when it comes to upholding a scientific view of biological sex.

Our politicians believe women can have a penis. They don’t argue when it is said a man has fallen pregnant, given birth or is breastfeeding.

Most states have forbidden any doctor, health care professional, psychiatrist or parent from objecting to transitioning treatments for kids. They say the ‘best health advice’ is to allow children to become drug addicts – relying on daily ingesting of drugs to camouflage their true sex to allow them to appear as something they are not. These kids will have to be drug dependant for life if they want to keep up the charade.

Some will even undergo the surgical mutilation of healthy body parts to satisfy their desire to appropriate the opposite sex.

The governments, health ministers, women’s ministers and medical officers allow children to be exposed to experimental medical treatments that in many cases do irreversible harm.

The governments, state and federal, champion this political ideology with endless ‘celebrations’ and funding for the cause. None of them object. Only a few ‘lone’ voices attempt to speak out.

They block inquiries, refuse to allow rigorous academic studies into the issues, ignore questions and even worse, the pleas of desperate parents whose families have been impacted by this extremist political ideology.

If you think the government, at any level, is committed to ‘best health advice’ and is serious about caring for you or your children or grandchildren, I suspect you are going to end up extremely disappointed.