Beautiful books celebrating the binary nature of gender

Wendy Francis, Queensland and Northern Territory Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, has written two timely books to counter radical gender activism aimed at kids.

Her website reads, “A strange and bewildering ideology promoting ‘gender fluidity’ is bewitching education and health institutions. In its wake are devastated families and confused children. These books will help to assure little girls and little boys that they are exactly who they are meant to be.”

What are Little Girls Made Of? and What Are Little Boys Made Of? are delightful books encouraging kids to accept who they are. Francis makes it clear that rigid stereotypes do not need to be adhered to when expressing femininity or masculinity.

There is a strong emphasis on biological reality while encouraging parents and children to embrace their own unique expression of who they are.

The illustrations depict the wonderful diversity of children expressing themselves. They capture the joy and creativity of childhood.

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, whole heartedly endorsed the books.

“Wendy Francis has done an exceptional job in celebrating the binary nature of gender. Unlike radical gender activists, she encourages children to express themselves as individuals while embracing the bodies they were born with.”

“I encourage parents, grandparents and carers to include books like these in their personal libraries, and to make sure their schools and local libraries also stock these books. The beautiful and truthful message contained in these books is especially needed right now.”