BBC indoctrinating kids

The BBC, a taxpayer-funded government-run organisation, has taken no notice of the recent court case that deemed transgender treatments for children as unsafe. A program aimed at 9-12 year old children claims there are over 100 gender identities and being transgender is another way to happy.

The film, 'Identity – Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities', is being offered on the corporation's website as part of its relationships and sex education package.

One section of the film includes a pupil asking: 'How many gender identities are there?' It is answered by 'Kate', described as an RSE [Relationships and Sex Education] teacher, who tells two children: 'There are so many gender identities. So we know we have got male and female, but there are over 100 if not more gender identities now.

'Some people might feel that they are two different genders, people might think they are bi-gender. You have got some people who might call themselves 'gender-queer' – just like, I don't want to be anything in particular, I just want to be me.'

Another speaker is Leo, a health worker who describes himself as a trans man, who tells the children: 'I told people it wasn't because I wanted to be transgender but because I wanted to be happy and to be happy I had to be true to who I was. Nobody really treats me differently but I feel that the pieces in my life fit better now.'

The High Court recently ruled against experimenting on children with untested puberty-blockers. The government also recently published guidelines to “exercise caution when teaching children about gender issues.”

The film doesn’t mention medical treatments but does suggest teachers watch the program before viewing it with students.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it equates to propaganda.

“Exposing children to these ideological concepts that deny science and biological reality is harmful. This is not education, it is indoctrination. There is no scientific proof for anything other than male or female. Suggesting there are 100 genders or that people can change their DNA is nonsense. This is the imposition of a radical agenda on vulnerable youth.”