Barnardo’s diminishes the role of mothers

Another too-woke-for-its-own good organisation has jumped on the bandwagon of ‘equality’ (read sameness) by erasing the incredible role mothers play in bringing up children.

Children’s charity Barnardo’s has axed its Mother of The Year award after 25 years because it does not celebrate other caregivers like same-sex parents and grandparents.

In a statement on Monday the organisation said it planned to launch another award which recognised the “diverse” group of caregivers but said the coronavirus pandemic had delayed those plans.

Barnardo’s claim that the award is not indicative of the type of families they work with and so the award had to go.

“With this in mind, we believe that the celebration of mothers in the absence of others does not truly represent all the families and caregivers we celebrate daily in our contemporary world.”

“We strongly believe in celebrating all families and will be looking to develop a campaign in the future that does this.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith sent a tweet,

“More worship on the altar of political correctness. No thanks @Barnardos_Aus , Mother's are worth celebrating. Have another category if you must like 'carer' of the year but stop trying to erase women and all that makes us unique and amazing. Did a bloke make this decision?”

Deflecting from the quotes they made to the media, they responded with,

“Our priority is to assist the most vulnerable children and families in our community with all our available resources so we have made the difficult decision to bring the Barnardos Mother of the Year Awards to an end.”

Smith called them out again, but they are yet to respond,

“That's not how the article or your quotes read. More like you want to 'include' every other type of caregiver by diminishing the unique and amazing role of mothers.”