Australian Senator takes on radical gender activism

Congratulations Amanda Stoker! This Senator representing Queensland, deserves our thanks for defending truth and common sense.

This is an excerpt from a petition on her website asking you to show your support for her position on the transgender debate.

Australians are polite people.  If a grown man chooses to wear women’s clothing and change their name, we are generally content to live and let live.  No one wants to make anyone feel ‘less than’.

Most people agree that adults are free to live their life the way they want.

But that doesn’t mean we abandon truth.  It doesn’t mean we abandon common sense or our understanding of basic biology.

The transgender agenda’s list of demands is completely unreasonable and it’s time you and I stood up for common sense.

You do have a right to know what your child is being taught about gender and sexuality in school.

You do have a right to keep women’s sport for women.

You do have a right to protect children from hormone treatment and surgical procedures.

You do have a right to teach your children they are born as either a boy or a girl and that gender isn’t something we can choose.

These issues are not hypothetical.  They are coming up for debate in the parliament and in our public discourse all of the time.

Stoker is proving to be one politician who is committed to truth and to representing those of us who prefer biological reality to radical ideology.

Speaking to the Australian, Stoker said,

“Providing chemical, hormonal or surgical treatments to children without the capacity to truly understand their implications and provide their consent, is wrong.”

“There is a lack of research showing these treatments are the best way to deal with gender issues, and a growing body of evidence that they are harmful.”

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, is in full agreement.

“Amanda Stoker is right. As a politician she is doing a tremendous job representing the many Australians who are deeply concerned about the radical trans agenda. How refreshing to see a politician that refuses to bow down at the pc altar.”

“No-one is against adults dressing up or identifying in a particular way. What concerns us all is the imposition of the ideology into all spheres of life, and especially the potential harm it can bring to our nation’s youth.”