Australian clinics on notices as Tavistock faces legal action for clinical negligence

The Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) could be facing legal action from hundreds of distraught families as they have been ordered to wind down and cease operating.

UK law firm, Pogust Goodhead, will be pursuing claims for clinical negligence due to allegations of misdiagnosis of young people presenting at the clinic.

Speaking to Sky News, Tom Goodhead, Global Managing Partner at Pogust Goodhead said: "We believe that there are potentially hundreds of young adults who have been affected by failings in care over the past decade at the Tavistock Centre, and we want to be able to give them a voice in court." 

He alleges that "children and young adolescents were rushed into treatment without the appropriate therapy and involvement of the right clinicians, meaning that they were misdiagnosed".

Thousands of children have gone through the clinic, many placed on puberty blockers, without addressing the underlying conditions such as autism, trauma and mental health issues.

Many were not fully aware of the adverse effects of the medication that can cause sterility, lack of sexual function, brain and bone density development issues.

Keira Bell, who has since de-transitioned, won her case in the High Court for being placed on medical treatments without thorough exploration of her underlying conditions. It is predicted that hundreds more will file complaints against the clinic.

The new group claim seeks to unite people who may have been "started on a treatment pathway that was not right for them", according to Mr Goodhead, appealing for anyone who may have been affected to come forward.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said Australian gender clinics should take note.

“Placing children on a medicalised pathway that has irreversible effects is negligent and unwarranted,” she said.

“Minors are not capable of consenting to such dramatic measures. The watchful waiting approach is far more responsible and effective.

“Up to 80 per cent of all gender confused children accept their biological sex once they have gone through puberty if they were allowed to do so without blockers or cross-sex hormones.

“It is essential that all children get quality and extensive psychiatric support to explore the underlying issues prior to embarking on a medicalised pathway if necessary.”