Appropriating narratives: Trans activists reveal propaganda ‘how to’ guide

New guidelines have been published by trans extremists to conflate their narrative with race and class narratives.

Alarmed by the progress conservatives and everyday citizens have made in exposing their agenda, this represents a new concerted effort to advance their propaganda.

The guide has been published by “We Make the Future” and is sponsored by ASO Communications, the Transgender Law Centre and Lake Research Partners.

The publication, “Messaging Guide: Transgender Youth and the Freedom to Be Ourselves: Building Our Choir with a Race Class Gender Narrative” is designed to deliberately piggy back on other leftist issues.

This new approach builds on the Race Class Narrative to tell a convincing story of how our opposition uses strategic racism and transphobia to harm us all; and how, by coming together, we can ensure we all have the freedom to be ourselves and support one another. Using a Race Class Gender Narrative, we can mobilize our progressive base (particularly Black, AAPI, and Gen Z audiences), marginalize our opposition, and move persuadables across race.

The authors unashamedly conflate ethnicity and sex – despite ethnicity being dependant on scientific evidence while transgenderism rejects biological reality. 

The guide encourages activists to speak about “the freedom to be ourselves” and to resist those who are “putting us in boxes based on what we look like”. It has a strong focus on targeting young people.

The “architecture of a race, class, gender narrative” includes emotional pleas that are not based in science or reality.

“Whether we are Black, white or brown, Native or newcomer, transgender or not, we want the freedom to be ourselves.”

These kinds of statement are peppered throughout the document, ignoring the fact that identifying as transgender means denying the reality of self by appropriating the opposite sex. Skin colour and ethnicity cannot be changed by ‘feelings’, nor can the reality of a person’s sex.

The guide insists the biological markers of ethnicity are reliable, but rejects the biological markers that are evidenced by sex.

The political agenda of the narrative is to conflate the issues. They are particularly concerned about the lack of success when it comes to the trans in sport narrative.

Right now, our opposition wins the debate on trans youth in sports against any and all arguments we have tried for our side. 

Our base and persuadables want to support transgender student athletes, but are extremely susceptible to our opposition’s argument that excluding trans youth is necessary to protect the fairness of women’s sports.

Their solution is to redirect the conversation to the false narrative that transwomen are women helping other women to fight the injustices women have faced throughout the ages. 

Our best-testing way to accomplish this was through a message that positioned supporting transgender women athletes as part of the broader fight for equality in girls’ and women’s sports. By connecting attacks on trans women athletes to the long legacy of discrimination against all women athletes, this message both shifted our audiences from an individual to a collective mindset and disrupted transphobic conceptions of transgender girls and women as actually male.

The extremists encourage activists to focus on personal storytelling and focus on the long term by employing language that demonises opponents using labels such as ‘transphobic.’

This guide is pure political propaganda that shamelessly promotes confusing the issues of racism and transgenderism to achieve their goals. It employs narrative at the expense of reality, denies scientific truth and has a particular focus to elevate males who appropriate womanhood.


By Kirralie Smith

Binary Spokeswoman