Anyone can be a woman according to Biden’s National Strategy on Gender

The Biden-Harris administration has released a 42-page document, titled “National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality.”

Identity politics feature heavily in the new policy that conflates biology and ideology.

The guidelines lump women, “gender nonconforming” and transgender people all in the same category. Nothing in this so-called document distinguishes women from males who appropriate womanhood. So basically, it is a policy for anyone.

This strategy reflects a commitment to address gender broadly. Our work is deeply motivated by a commitment to women and girls, in light of longstanding systemic discrimination and barriers which continue to affect their full participation and access to opportunity. We also combat discrimination and harmful gender norms that affect people of all genders: women and girls—including transgender women and girls—gender nonbinary and gender nonconforming people, as well as men and boys.

There’s no definition of the terms “women” or “girls” or “female”. There is a strong emphasis, however, on males who pretend to be women by donning a costume, popping pills or undergoing surgical mutilation of healthy body tissue.

On the surface it may seem like an attempt to achieve equity or equality. Unfortunately, statements such as “The transgender athlete who dreams of the chance to compete, free from discrimination”, proves that there is no regard for the safety, fairness or privacy of women in sport.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it was purely a virtue signalling exercise.

“Equity and equality will never be achieved if you cannot even define the term woman. These concepts are meaningless if anyone can be a woman,” she said.

“Sex-based rights and responsibilities are essential for a fair and functioning society to operate.

“This document denies science, rejects biological reality and furthers the oppression of women. It will do nothing to advance equity or equality, but will only succeed in elevating an extremist political ideology.”