Another children’s indoctrination program

The children’s program Blue’s Clues has capitulated to the extremist rainbow agenda. A new episode will feature a song that promotes all things LGBT, focusing on sexual orientations and identities.

“It's the Blue’s Clues’ and You Pride Parade, and we need you to sing along as the ‘Families Go Marching’ proudly!” the Nickelodeon show's broadcaster instructs viewers as the segment opens.

“Hi Blue, look at all these families. It’s time for a pride parade,” a cartoon version of RuPaul’s Drag Race star Nina West says in the video, which was shared on social media.

The singer, who is holding a microphone with a raised fist icon, then points to a parade of animals, one of which has a family with "two mommies … [who] love each other so proudly.”

Other families have “two daddies”, “babas [that] are nonbinary”, “trans members”, “ace, bi, and pan grown-ups,” and “allies to the queer community”.

“This house is a family of kings and queens,” West sings about another family in the parade.

“Love is love is love, you see,” the song concludes.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it is blatant social engineering.

“Targeting kids with adult concepts and language is indoctrination – not education or entertainment,” she said.

“Most adults don’t know what non-binary, ace or pan means, let alone kids.

“Sexualising children under the guise of informing them about sexual orientations and identities is perverse. Leave our kids alone.”