An election is coming

Will you allow reality removed politicians to keep destroying our kid’s lives?

Sometime in the next 12 months there will be a Federal election.

The game of musical chairs will be conducted once again and many of us will be left feeling there is no-one representing us, the people.

The politicians will get out on the campaign trail to spruik their packages, entice with tax-payer funded schemes, make more empty promises and avoid the hard questions.

But this time, Binary will be there to challenge them every step of the way.

We will fight hard to hold them to account.

We will demand that they answer the simple questions such as how do they define ‘men’ and ‘women’?

Do they honestly believe women can have a penis or that men can get pregnant?

Does science or an extremist ideology hold more weight when it comes to their policies and promises.

Will they uphold women’s sex-based rights or capitulate to the radical trans agenda?

We will confront them and disrupt them and we won’t back down. We will pursue them and expose them so that we can all be clear about exactly where they stand.

It is the only way you can make an informed decision at the polling booth.

Too many career politicians, so far removed from reality -  sit up there on that hill, playing games with people’s lives, their safety, security, privacy and welfare. But this is not a game.

Children are being abused. Experimental medications are being dished out without regard for the fact they are irreversible and harmful.

Women’s rights are being eroded in sport, the workplace, restrooms, shelters and prisons. They are pitting men against women in highly destructive ways.

These highly paid politicians avoid our letters, our questions and our needs. They behave as if we are there to serve them and keep them in a job.

They sew deep division in our society with their woke agendas, their blatant disregard for our concerns and their propaganda drivel designed to appease noisy extremists.

The reality is, they are employed by us to serve the nation. They need to be strongly reminded of this.

Now is the time to join and strengthen this movement – to protect children, to defend women’s sex-based rights and to strengthen families across the country.

Now is the time to inform, educate and build up.

Join up at

Share the information with your networks.

Challenge the politicians in your area.

Be encouraged y like-minded parents and concerned citizens.

Join our action campaigns and please give generously to ensure we can make an impact to turn this extremist tide around.