American Gender Whisperer is coming down under

Brace yourself, Australia. Here come the gender whisperers.

The Daily Telegraph has reported a US expert will be indoctrinating a large number of girls’ schools here next week.

“The Alliance of Girls’ Schools of Australasia, representing 175 schools and 132,000 female students, is hosting international psychotherapist and transgender specialist Julie Mencher to lead workshops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland next week.”

The emphasis of these programs is on supporting the transgender student, not the needs of every other student.

Staff at these schools will be taught what language to use and how to be more inclusive of the trans student.

Australian transgender activist Sally Goldner endorsed the program.

“Ms Goldner said if schools could accommodate students it was a win, win for all.”

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, wholeheartedly disagreed.

“This is not a win/win for all. Many students and parents who have chosen a single-sex girls’ school will be very disappointed and even angry. Radical gender ideology is being imposed in these schools and anyone who disagrees will be ostracised for doing so,” Smith warned.

“Parents and staff are concerned about this aggressive push by radical gender activists to conform. They desire schools to focus on education not indoctrination. They want gender dysphoric kids get help and support, but not at the expense of every other student,” said Smith.