Adult transgender content being promoted to tweens and teens

A library in the US is promoting sex talks, drag shows and a raffle for a breast binder as part of Pride Month.

The Christian Post reported, "The event is described as a ‘pride celebration designed by teens for teens’ and the ‘most rainbow filled fun you can imagine’… activities listed are presentations on ‘safer’ sex, a drag show, an ‘advice panel,’ and a ‘free binder raffle’…  [all] ‘suitable’ for tweens and teens, meaning ages 10 to 19."

The side effects of chest-binding include “back and shoulder pain, inflamed and fractured ribs, and blood clots that could result in a heart attack”.

Sources have confirmed that Planned Parenthood will be providing the sex ed programs for the event.

Protestors’ concerns were dismissed by the library.

"Adults should never use children to justify or normalize their behaviors,” said one concerned parent, "The world of drag is filled with porn, sex, drugs, and alcohol. That’s what kids will find when they Google their favorite drag queen. The Instagram accounts of these performers are not family-friendly."

"As the drag kid craze has hit the nation, more and more kids are joining drag kid clubs. And encouraging gender confusion and introducing gender fluidity to children before they are old enough to reason or even read is an adult agenda being pushed on them."

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, warned this was a taste of things to come.

“Binary has been highlighting concerns surrounding Drag Queen Story Time for several months. What is happening in the US gives us a glimpse of just how bad things will get if we don’t act. Targeting children is unacceptable. The concepts being promoted by the library to children are for adults only.”