Adelaide Now roasted for lying

Adelaide Now, and journalist Sean Fewster, have been absolutely roasted on Twitter for publishing blatant lies.

Within hours Fewster had been completely ratioed with only 60 people liking his tweet and more than 600 comments calling him out for the lie.

This accused male offender is not a woman.

He is a man in ‘womanface’. A male appropriating womanhood.

There is nothing at all that makes him a woman, yet this news site published the blatant lie without blinking.

Rachel Queen Burton faced the Adelaide Magistrates Court on eight charges of “child abuse offences ranging from gross indecency to directing a person to sexually manipulate her and producing child exploitation material”.

He has been remanded in custody when he will have to answer the charges in December.

Twitter users didn’t hold back in taking the publication to task.

Melbourne woman Angie Jones tweeted, “Sean, please stop blatantly lying by attributing male sex offences to women. It is both misleading & disrespectful to women. At least call the person a transwoman.”

Others were even more direct.

Gina Louise wrote, “FFS. That is a transwoman, or more truthfully a man. Does it make you feel good to further abuse his victim when you repeat his lie?”

Anonotanon tweeted, “Show some respect for the child he [allegedly] victimized, and for the women he impersonated while doing so. This is a man who [allegedly] committed a male crime and deserves to be in a man's prison. Show some journalistic integrity.”

Belstaffie commented, “That’s most definitely NOT a woman! Why are you attempting to gaslight women and blame us for male crimes???”

Writer Janet Fraser asked, “What part of this man is a woman? Is it your decision or an editorial decision to lie to Australians about this?”

Mellie Adamson summed it up well, “This is a man! You’re concerned about being polite towards [alleged] sex offenders, but you’re not concerned that referring to this man as a woman isn’t damned disrespectful and offensive to women?”

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith added, “No one can take you seriously when you blatantly lie,” she said.

“This is a bloke. His attempt to appropriate womanhood is shameful and you are enabling the lie.

“What else do you falsely report about?”